How often do people wash their vetbed - I just have a piece in the sleeping area of Polly & Sybil's Cage so it doesn't get wee or poop on it - just hay!

Also I use disinfecting cleaning spray on the litter tray every day or two and line it with newspaper with carefresh (have previously tried shredded paper and sawdust too) and hay, but it is starting to look stained and rubbing at it hasn't had much effect - any suggestions?

Also been using spray on cage for once weekly clean and it has cardboard with newspaper/vetbed on the top - what do other people do/use?

The bunnies are generally very good and only wee in the litter tray only do a few poops about the cage and occasionally in the run. But they also go outside in a supervised run area on the grass without a litter tray. Would they be better to have a litter tray outside too? And should I put them out on the patio sometimes too so their nails get filed?