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Thread: Any rescues who are asked about neutered male piggies....

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    Default Any rescues who are asked about neutered male piggies....

    If you do not have any neutered boys in yourself, would you possibly mention my freeads piggie Max and perhaps pass my details on please?

    I am trying to find a special home for Max and have been shocked to be contacted by 3 breeders wanting him as a companion for pregnant sows. The answer was of course no, but I would really love to see him settled with some girl piggies in a pet home.

    My details are on Max's ad:

    I am in no way in a hurry for him to be gone, but as it will soon be the time when he is able to live with girls it would be a shame for it to be prolonged as I feel he is desperate for company (he was neutered on 16th august- 3 weeks tuesday.)

    thank you very much x

    ps. we're in Nottingham

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    Click here to see the bunnies available for homes at Underhill Rabbit Rescue

    REW bunnies are home and they're all gorgeous

    Poppy, Sparkle, Alana
    Please sponsor my Everest trip for Underhill Rabbit Rescue which will be done in April 2014
    Underhill Rabbit Rescue fundraising for Everest page (click here)



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