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Thread: Let Petshops Know What You Think!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitangel View Post
    Just that stores provide the vast amount of money to pet food erm...yeah. Get my drift. So I wouldn't cut them off 100%, I would still like to be able to feed my rabbit.
    It's not like the food won't be sold because people have boycotted shops selling live animals. The manufacturing companies will sell the same amount of food and make the same amount of money, it's just people would be supporting animal-free businesses.

    Quote Originally Posted by AllForTheAnimals View Post
    Does anyone like their local pet stores? I have found almost no people that do I am lucky and have a very good pet store in my area I acutally buy rabbits and lots of other animals there this is a very good Idea
    I'm not particularly happy with either of mine. One doesn't sell livestock but sells all those terrible brightly coloured treats, tiny hutches and no runs, the other in the town sells livestock from rodent farms and all the enclosures are tiny. They have no idea what they are talking about (were selling sugar gliders and didn't know what their diet should be, told me zebra mice would be fine with fancy mice, etc).
    There's another pet shop about an hour away which again sells tiny hutches and no runs but I do buy my mice in there because I know the breeder they come from is a lovely local lady and I've visited back when she sold to the public. Then there's P@H, which aside from the fact they source from breeding farms, is pretty good.
    I buy the vast majority of my stuff from zooplus, no selling animals, lots of nice natural treats and good value.

    Great thread, I've tried writing before but never put it in terms of the fact they'd be losing X amount of business, might be worth a go!

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    Thanks for this. I used the rabbit and guinea pig part for my complaint letter to Pets At Home - today there was a rabbit and a guinea pig together in the ADOPTION section. Apparently they were "best of friends", therefore must be re homed together... it made me so angry, especially since they are doing their "Support Adoption For Pets" campaign. I can't think of any rescue charity that would recommend that you house rabbits and guinea pigs together!

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    Thank you so much for this going to use it now....


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    Went into P&H Redditch today, must have been at least 10 rabbits in 1 of the front pens, 2 bottles bone dry, not even any dregs in them.
    Told the guy serving on the till, then made a point of waiting by the pen until they we're given water - some 10 minutes later

    Pet Centre, Shirley is housing rabbits in Fish Tanks



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