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Thread: Let Petshops Know What You Think!

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    Default Let Petshops Know What You Think!

    There are frequently posts on here about petshops that have less than ideal conditions. The only way to change this is if you stand up and be counted. It's great if you can hit them where it hurts - their profits! If you don't like a store's policies don't support them with your cash and make sure they know it. I know letter writing can be a bit daunting so here's something to start you off. Fill in the blanks and delete the bits that don't apply (I've tried to add bits to cover the most common issues). Try to make the letter as personalised as possible so it doesn't seem like lots of people have just printed off the same page Make sure you add any other issues you had. Then send it off to the shop (yellow pages for the address).

    If the petshop has serious issues or issues that need immediate attention such as sick animal then you can report them to the RSPCA and your local county council (they issue the licences).

    Here you go:

    [Your Address/phone]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I visited your store at [location] on [date]. I'm writing regarding some concerns I had during my visit:

    [delete below as appropriate]

    The hutches you were selling as suitable for rabbits were less than the minimum size of five foot (150cm) long set by the RSPCA and Rabbit Welfare Association. Lack of adequate space for movement can have serious health consequences for rabbits including obesity, fly strike, muscle wastage and spine deformities.

    I noted you house rabbits and guinea pigs in the same pens. Although in the past it has been commonly accepted that these two animals can be housed together, injuries and fatalities caused by rabbits attacking guinea pig companions mean that the current advise of welfare charities is that they should not. Both animals also have different nutritional requirements.

    You had longhaired rabbits available for sale. These rabbits pose a large welfare concern to rabbit rescues that are frequently called in to deal with badly matted rabbits with associated skin conditions. Longhaired rabbits need special housing to prevent matting and daily grooming. Many new owners fall for their beautiful appearance and are unable to provide the dedication needed to maintain them.

    You had giant breed rabbits available for sale. These rabbits have recently become popular after some media attention. I was very disappointed to see you were selling them in store as what can only be described as a novelty rabbit. Very few owners have adequate space to house these rabbits, as they require shed sized accommodation rather than a hutch or to be free-range house rabbits. Even presuming you provide information on the correct housing requirements the small number of people that can meet their needs must necessitate the rabbit remain in your store for longer than the average sized rabbit breed. I'm sure you'll agree this is less than ideal for the rabbit's welfare and socialisation.

    The rabbits did not have hay available. As you should be aware, rabbits must have a constant supply of hay (roughage) for them to graze on throughout the day to prevent life threatening gut issues such as bloat.

    The rabbits did not have clean drinking water available as this is a basic requirement and a condition of all Pet Shop Licences.

    You had no care sheets available on the care of the animals you were selling. Although staff can provide information there is a lot of specific knowledge needed to properly care for rabbits and it's unreasonable to expect a new owner to remember accurately everything they are told.

    The rabbits you were selling were less than 8 weeks old, the minimum age that rabbits should be sold as recommended by the British Rabbit Council (the association that registers breeders). Rabbits under this age are less able to cope with the stress involved in new environments.

    [Insert additional comments/issues]

    I am a pet owner myself and spend approximately [insert number] per month on items for my animals. Until you address these issues I will be spending my money elsewhere.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully

    [Your name]
    Let us know how you get on!

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    nice one tam

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    Excellent, what a good idea and made so easy for everyone.

    Purchase your Pledge a Pound hoodie here

    Help support the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign and spread the message that rabbits should not be bought on impulse by visiting their shop here

    Supporting pet stores without livestock where profits are created ethically

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    I agree.

    I have recently written to a pet shop and mentioned a few of the issues you have mentioned in the above letter. I think most petshops sell hutches that are far too small, few provide hay or care sheets and most house and sell rabs and pigs together.

    Come on folks lets put them straight.

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    Great idea.

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    i think that pet shop in kinston is disgusting petsville i think its called anyone been there

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    I'm writing into my local shop..
    They give out wrong advice!! I was told not to have another rabbit for my male house rabbit as it would be cruel. I then mentioned that I'd heard that it's good to have to bonded rabbits together,she told me then well if you were going to you would need to males or two femals.. i told her well i was told I'm better off getting one of each sex..
    I told her I'd got a female rescue bunny to live with my male but I'm waiting until my girl is spayed before they live together & she said why on earth would you have her spayed if you males been done... If it's not brokedn why fix it..

    Poor advice from the owner/manager!!

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    Well good seriously I mean it....good luck.

    Just that stores provide the vast amount of money to pet food erm...yeah. Get my drift. So I wouldn't cut them off 100%, I would still like to be able to feed my rabbit.

    I personally don’t think it’s a great approach, if anything it will encourage them more. Plus there are a lot of good pet stores out there that try hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitangel
    I personally don’t think it’s a great approach, if anything it will encourage them more.
    How would it encourage them more? Seriously, I'm not sure what you mean by this - could you explain?

    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitangel
    Plus there are a lot of good pet stores out there that try hard.
    All the more reason to buy from pet shops that sell food not animals - they try hard and run good businesses without impacting on animal welfare!


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    I think its a great idea, pet shops need to be told. I personally find it unbelievable that ANY pet shop is still allowed to sell livestock of any form. There may well be some good shops out there but I feel it just gives the public the wrong message and makes animals too easily available to ANYONE! Theres nothing to stop a complete idiot going into a shop buying a rabbit and keeping it in a shoebox or feeding it to a dog. This country has a huge problem with unwanted pets and the only way to get it under control is to stop breeding and stop selling. Theres a big enough supply of animals in rescues without adding to the numbers!

    Oh and I buy my rabbit food from my vet and my other stuff from a small, local, non livestock selling pet shop. :wink:



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