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Thread: Roll Call... Tell us a bit about you

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    Feb 2006
    Bradford, West Yorkshire


    Name = Zofia (It's Polish!)

    Area you live = South Bradford, West Yorks

    Why did you choose your RU name? = It was a nickname an ex boyfriend gave me when I was about 16.

    Names of your rabbits = Wallace (f), Oliver, Michelle, Theodore and Zinzan.

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = I work for Trading Standards.
    Mummy to Bugsy and Preya Buns, Mr. Fudge and Stella Pig and Daley bird.

    Binky Free Baby Leon!!! RIP.
    RIP lovely Ernest G. Pig and Eric Pig. xxx
    RIP Hambo
    RIP Theodore (Ted) and Zinzan
    RIP Lovely Michelle and Piccolo
    RIP Sadie Pig, Babe Pig, Pluto Pig and Flora Pig
    RIP Melanie my big girl and Prince-matic
    RIP Oli-bear and Wallace
    RIP Dexter

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    Wise Old Thumper
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    Barnsley, South Yorkshire


    Name = Angela

    Area you live = Barnsley, South Yorkshire

    Why did you choose your RU name? = I always use 65 whenever I need a number. It's probably the number of rabbits I will stop at! (joke )
    Names of your rabbits = <Deep Breath> Smirnoff, Joey, Sugar, Spice, Chocolate, Cracker, Rosie, Polly, Alfie, Flint, Alex, Barley,(Caramel RIP), Fosters: Treacle, New Biting Bun to come on Sunday
    Free Ad Temp Buns (to be re-homed when babies old-enough) Dusk, Dawn, Baby 1, Baby 2, Baby 3, Baby 4, baby 5 & Baby 6.(Baby 7 RIP)
    An Ex-racehorse called Danny & a Free ad gerbil called Jeremy

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Accountant & Stable girl in a Racing Yard

    Sorry for long post!!

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    Swimming in trifle


    Name = Alison

    Area you live = Chelmsford, Essex

    Why did you choose your RU name? = I'm usually Fluffybunny elsewhere on the internet but that was already taken. Alison is my name and A is my surname initial, I have no idea why I chose to put the A on the end of it though.

    Names of your rabbits = Harry & Heather, Dudley & Santa. Currently fostering Chloe.

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Yes I'm the Policy Development Officer for a local Council, although I've got an interview on 15th Aug for Head of Strategic Services

    One thing we don't know about you = My husband is half greek but his name is Keith

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    Almost on the runway at Heathrow Airport


    Name = Emma

    Area you live
    = St Neots, Cambridgeshire (Next month will be in Chester though)

    Why did you choose your RU name?
    = My name

    Names of your rabbits = Jasper and Clio (aka Jaspie and Clee)

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do
    = Waiting to move to Chester to get a job. If I get good A Level results shall be studying German at uni... if not then full time job somewhere
    James,Clio,Tia-Lucy--NEVER forgotten,ALWAYS loved xx

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    On the border of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire


    :d :d :d :d :d
    Last edited by animus; 01-10-2007 at 04:22 PM.
    Absolute mountain of craft items for sale, PM me for details. Scrapbooking, card making, embossing etc
    Goodnight my beautiful angels. Gone but never forgotten. Crunchie, Merlin and Jake xx

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    Name = Gem

    Area you live = Bedhampton, just outside Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Why did you choose your RU name? = Its my name

    Names of your rabbits = Silver, Spookie, Minstrel, Harley, Bandit, Magic, Chi, Poppet, Smokey, Lucky-George, Hazel, Blue, Stripes, Crazy, Baby Blue, Whistler and Wiffles plus two Guinea Pigs (Rosie & Razzle), two Rats (Noodles & Sweetie), two Cats (Scooter & Missy) and two Dogs (Willow & Lucy) Oh and two fish (Charlie and Suzie)

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Nope, I'm currently a unemployed bum

    One thing you don't know about me = I have two Animal Care qualifications, NVQ2 and a First Diploma :wink:
    Make £2019 in 2019 ~ Total so far: £27

    CraftyBunnyCreates Pop by and see me for handpainted signs, blankets and more

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    Barnsley, Sth Yorkshire


    Name = Linda

    Area you live = Tankersley, Nr Barnsley, Sth Yorkshire

    Why did you choose your RU name? = love bunnies and had just become a first time gran when enrolled

    Names of your rabbits = Rosie, Jack, Tia, Tyson, Honey and Toby
    plus foster buns - Penny, Poppy, Baby, Scamp, Phyllis and Smudge

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = secretarial temp + private work for a consultant paediatrician

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    Jul 2005


    Name = Leanne

    Area you live = Carterton, Oxfordshire

    Why did you choose your RU name = It's the nickname my family call me by

    Names of your rabbits Fern and Donny

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Yes, I am an MSc course organiser for University of Oxford

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    In the Midlands


    Name = Carys

    Area you live = Kingswinford, West Midlands

    Why did you choose your RU name? = I have a birdie and a few buns

    Names of your rabbits = Little Man, Orchid, Poppet, Bino and Mrs (Bambi)

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Tree's (SOAD) slave

    Mommy to Bino, Orchid, Donkey, Binky, Bluebeard and Delboy the staffie x

    Binky Free Little Man, Britney, Poppet, Bobby, Bessie and Bambi my special little girl :-(

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    Apr 2006


    Name = Michelle

    Area you live = Newark, Nottinghamshire

    Why did you choose your RU name? = It is what most people call me

    Names of your rabbits = Bugsy, Lola, Snowy, Frosty, Roger (a bun I am fostering for Honeybunny's)

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = I work as a secretary for an exhibitions company



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