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Thread: Roll Call... Tell us a bit about you

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    I never did this when I signed up, so I'm going to do it now.

    Name = Raphael

    Area you live = The Netherlands

    Why did you choose your RU name? = I like to read a lot!

    Names of your rabbits = Sophie and Casper

    Do you work, if yes what job do you do = Have had ME since my early teens, so I've never been able to have a job. When I feel well enough, though, I volunteer at a rescue for wild birds and small mammals (mostly many, many hedgehogs and some rabbits and hares) once a week, which I really love doing.

    One thing you didn't know about me = I have about a thousand paper books. Told you I like reading.

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    Default Introducing me and my rabbits

    Hi there my name is Abigail I am 15 years of age and am the mum of 2 gorgeous bunnies called CookieDough and Gingerbread. I think that Cookiedough is a belgium fuzzy lop and Gingerbread I think is a cross between a polish and a american standard bunny I would love to know what you guys think there breeds are they are both five years old and are turning 6 in May the 5th.

    I am happy to recommend stuff to new bunny owners and basically just chatting to anyone who needs support with there rabbits

    Gingerbread is a very anxious rabbit who hates being picked up unlike his Brother Cookiedough who is very affectionate and loves being picked up

    Please please do contact me about what breeds they are as I have been wanting to know for a long time. They were born by 2 show bunny parents.

    also as a not to everyone in these challenging times stay safe.And have great fun with your rabbit companions. :Rabbit2:



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