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Thread: Bonding....success? please advise me if these are good signs

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    Default Bonding....success? please advise me if these are good signs

    I've mentioned in a few previos posts that I was trying to bond my 2 neutered boys back together, and just thought I'd let everyone know how it's going. They had a serious fight before they were neutered. When I reintroduced them a couple of weeks ago they spent about 30mins fighting (no blood shed tho, just fur pulling etc), but the next day when i put them together Harly was absolutly terrified and Honey was spraying.

    After speaking to Lynda (bunnyhugger) I followed her advice and took the 2 of them into my bathroom together today (neutral territory). Gave them a cat basket each at opposite ends, and put out a bowl of food, hay and water, and 1 litter tray (a new 1 neither had used). I sat between them so there was a space they could get to one another but I was right on hand. When they ventured out the baskets and met 1 another, Harly just lay as flat down on the floor as he could go, and let Honey sniff him. I take it this was him being submissive, although he did not seem afraid like before. I just kept stroking the 2 of them and speaking gently to them. There was no fur pulling, no spraying, nothing !

    Lynda warned that they'd most likely scuffle when 1 went into the other's basket. Harly retreated into his basket and Honey followed him in and pushed him out, so when Honey came out Harly went back in and thumped his feet as if to say "this is mine" but that's all. A few times Harly went into Honey's basket, but scarpered out of it when Honey came over, but the last time he stayed put (I thought oh no here we go,,,as Honey seems to be taking on the Boss Man role!), but Honey just came over, sniffed him, sniffed the basket, rubbed it with his chin and toddled off again. They both used the litter tray as well and there was no scuffling over it either, then the 2 of them sat side by side and had a snack form the bowl! It may sound stupid but I was so happy to see that!

    I ended up sat right back in the corner, every so often 1 of them would come over for a stroke but that's it. Was aiming for 15mins today like Lynda said, but was having no probs so left them 40mins. Towards the end Harly was moving away from Honey more, but I think it was more "ok, I'm fed up of you now" than fear like it was before.

    So the 2 of them are now back out in their runs munching on strawberries and grapes for a treat happy as lary, with a happy bunny mummy too!
    I think it's now looking hopeful that i may get them back together??Do you agree?

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    Sounds like you are doing a great job.
    Hope they become friends again soon



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