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Thread: Best wood treatment for rabbit hutch?

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    Default Best wood treatment for rabbit hutch?

    We have been looking after a rabbit who escaped from his owners a few doors down from us. They don't want him back (they can't be bothered to look after him, poor homeless bunny), so he has mostly been living in our back garden for the last three months. I have been feeding him hay and rabbit mix on and off to keep him going. With the winter drawing in, we have decided to formally adopt him and have today bought him a hutch (and a run), and I want to make sure it is as weather-proof as possible.

    I had a quick look around Homebase today at the wood preserving treatments, but couldn't see anything that was suitable as I haven't got a clue what I'm looking at. Can anyone please help me? I know that the hutch has probably already had a quick dip in some kind of water-proofing prior to buying it, but I want to make sure the job's done properly. The hutch will be kept outside all of the time, so I need something top quality to do the job.

    Any other advice on how to best take care of the new addition to our family would be gratefully received. I've never kept rabbits before, so this is new territory. Have to say, however, that our oldest cat adores the rabbit and curls up with him in the garden, which is very cute. They spent most of August/September sunbathing together!

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    Hiya we use Cuprinol wood preservative, as it is fairly harmless once dried, and odourless.
    Nothing is perfect of course, but we have used it for years without any problems.
    Well done for giving the poor unwanted bunny a forever home, he came to the right doorstep for help by the sounds of things :wink:
    Best wishes

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