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Thread: Getting a friend for Ronnie

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    Hello!! I am thinking of getting a friend for Ronnie, he is happy enough and gets lots of attention from us but he used to play with my cat who used to enjoy it at first but he has since started to get grumpy with him and so never goes near Ronnie anymore and is always stays in high places where he cannot be reached and Ronnie is always trying to find him. Ronnie is not currently neutered (this was because he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic he had to have for some dental work so as he was on his own I didn't want to put him back under unnecessarily) so I know I will have to do that first but I wondered, would I have to match his new friend size/breed wise? We rescued Ronnie so unsure of his breed, but we think he is either a Himalayan or a Califorinian, however he has grown to be quite large - Not sure if that is because he has the full reign of the house/garden or what but even the vets were surprised how much he has grown!! I would ideally prefer a small rabbit to join him, jus for the space in the cage at night!! (I also know I will have to get them separate cages at first before they are bonded!)
    Any advice is appreciated

    Thanks x

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    I've always understood personality matching to be important & size is of little consequence so I think a smaller girl bun is highly possible. I don't think he'll have grown more in physical stature because he has lots of space but he'll have stronger muscles & be emotionally happier for it). I'd reach out to a rscue & see if they have any fully vaccinated & spayed females they think could be suitable. I know bunnies can have some kind of hormonal implants - not sure if they could "take place" of a neuter but maybe worth investigating.

    Exciting times ahead for Ronnie

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    Aw, I think getting a friend for Ronnie is a lovely idea. Like j&b, I've always learned that size doesn't matter much and that personality is much more important. If you go to a rescue, they'll likely let Ronnie pick his own friend (that is, they'll introduce him to a few girls they think he would bond well with, and see which one he gets along with best), so I'd keep an open mind as to what size his new friend will be! Although you can probably tell them you'd prefer a small bunny. I think how big Ronnie has gotten is decided by his genes, not how much space he has, but again like j&b said, it'll have made him stronger!
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    Sending vibes you can find a suitable partner for Ronnie.



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