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Thread: How to post Rabbits needing rehoming - READ THIS FIRST

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    Default How to post Rabbits needing rehoming - READ THIS FIRST

    Posting in this Section

    To start a topic in the Rabbits In Need section you need to apply for permission. This is to help ensure that postings are keep to rabbits in genuine need of help.

    To apply please contact our lovely moderator : SOAD (Tree) by PM, including the following information:

    Physical Description
    Neuter Status
    Vaccination Status
    Type of home wanted
    Reason for rehoming

    Rescues: If you would like permission to post please let us know something about yourself and the topic(s) you intend to post about.

    Thank you.

    Tamsin & Adele
    and thanking SOAD for all her invaluable help with this important section of the forum.
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