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Thread: Advice on Rehoming Your Rabbit

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelanieO View Post
    Im not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this but I have two bunnies who are a fantastic bonded brother and sister. I would do anything not to have to rehome them but I am emigrating to New Zealand with family.
    They are both neutered and are up to date with needed vaccinations.
    If anyone can offer any advice or suggestions i would be very greatful.
    I'd suggest followinf this link. Also tryng posting on Rabbit Rehome.

    I'd also look at placing them in ads anywhere and everywhere, but also making sure you home check and vet people properly.

    You could try contacting rescues, but most are incredibly full at the moment.

    Please Remember to Advocate for your Rabbit.

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    Hi Tamsin,
    I've tried to figure out how to contact SOAD re posting but maybe it's because I'm using a mobile phone (I don't currently have a computer). Or I'm being really stupid 😳
    I am desperately seeking homes for two of my bunnies. They are gorgeous!
    I've had to move counties due to domestic abuse. I am now in a hidden away place with my children so hopefully he won't find the address.
    There is a set back and that is my landlord will not have the four rabbits. He's agreed to two so I reluctantly have home them.
    Dad and his son. 2 years and 1 year old. Both neutered. I need them to go to an experienced rabbit owner (to avoid them having to be rehomed again).
    Baby is a lionhead, White with black spots. His dad is a black dwarf lop who has the sweetest nature!
    All rescues are full and I was very lucky that Little Pips Guinea Pig rescue helped with my Guinea pigs! They were fantastic
    Please could you possibly post this so a loving person or people can help?!

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    Default Rehoming three male rabbits

    I have three male rabbits who I love very much but I'm having to make the sad decision of letting them go to either better homes or for someone to foster them until I get my own place and I don't know how long that will take. I am willing to pay for them but I'm scared of something happening to them or having to actually 'rehome' them.

    I'll give you a bit of a background so you know my story. I unfortunately bought my rabbits five years ago, I love them so much, I've given them a room to live in so they free range, I don't keep them in a cage. I bought my third rabbit from Pets at Home last year, I only had him for three months and then he died, he had a lot of health issues that weren't detected when they sold him to me as he was too young. Anyways my second eldest Rolo went into depression and despite me giving him all the attention in the world and having a special bond with the eldest rabbit Bugs Bunny he still wasn't happy so I got another rabbit Twix.

    This year in January I met a guy who I fell head over heels for - my soulmate. I married him against my parents wishes as they didn't like the fact that he had a past or that he had a tattoo. The original plan was whenever I got married my parents would keep my rabbits until I could afford to buy my own place. As I went against their wishes they have now decided they don't want anything to do with caring for my rabbits even though I buy the food they only provide the accomodation which they no longer want to do. I then got in touch with a lady who cares for rabbits and is willing to take my rabbits in for the price of £260 a month but she also requires a deposit and it would only be for 9 months.

    Two weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant, I now can't afford to put my rabbits under that woman's care as I won't be able to afford it. I wish I could keep them with me but I live in apartments and they have CCTV cameras so I can't even sneak them in! Also it wouldn't be fair on them as the apartment is an open planned one bedroom apartment.

    Would anyone be able to keep them in their garden and just feed them, give them the exercise they need. I will pay for the food, the insurance and even if it comes to buying them a big hutch in the garden. I have asked my friends and no one is able to keep them. Unfortunately I've lost a lot of family too so I can't ask anyone else to keep them.

    Could someone please push me in the right direction? My parents only plan on keeping the rabbits till end of September. I don't have long.

    Thank you x

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    Hey there, I have created a new post for re-homing my rabbit but it says it's gone into moderation, is there an ETA on when this post will get approved?

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    Hi Adam, it's generally a few days for approval - I've just approved yours now for you. If you can add some photos to the thread that might help too.



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