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    Hi everyone

    Just to let youknow that two of the bunnies featured in the SSPCA (ANgus) bit on RR have been rehomed - Cookie and Jemima have now found forever homes

    Dominic, Smurf and Mr Biz are still looking 'though.

    Keep your fingers (and paws crossed) for them too.

    lol Pam

    PS They are also needing homes for 29 GP's

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    I still to this day can't understand why people give up their animals? or buy their kids animals knowing that it would be down to them to look after the poor things and then get thrown into a rescue, because they can't be bothered to do the job that their childern was supposed to do.

    29 Guineas!!!! thats alot !!! i do hope that they find homes
    I am a mother of two, so anything you say or do, wouldnt shock me!

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