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Thread: Teeth points - won’t eat hay

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    Default Teeth points - won’t eat hay

    Hello! I recently took my rabbit to the vet because he was having tummy issues - not eating anything, wet poops, and he had runny eyes with puss.
    We got him on meds, eye cream and he was doing well until he stopped eating his hay all together. So we took him back to the vet.
    His teeth have grown in badly with points so it’s painful to eat his hay.
    I cannot afford to get his dental work done for a couple months… I am currently out of a job.
    However, he is addicted to the critical care food we’ve been giving him the last 3 or so weeks. But I really want him to try to eat some hay.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? We are going to the pet store today to get some softer/sweeter hay to try to hold him over. But I am at a loss here because he isn’t gaining the weight he needs to after the first trip to the vet.
    For reference, Bean is about 10-11 years old and is a dwarf/mini Rex. He’s about 3 lbs and needs to gain a couple.
    Other than not eating his hay, he very much seems like a mostly happy bunny, calm but also playful, shows no other signs of pain, and his eyes have cleared up.
    Thank you for any advice you can give <3

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    He is not eating hay because he can’t now eat it , not that he won’t eat it,due to his Dental problems. The jaw action required to chew hay is rotational and this means sharp points on the molar crowns scratch the cheeks and tongue causing a lot of pain and ulceration. Until he gets the Dental work done he is unlikely to be able to eat hay. Are you in the U.K.? If so you might be eligible for help with Veterinary fees

    In the meantime you will need to continue with the Critical Care, otherwise he will go into gut stasis.
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    Can you pick some grass? He might prefer this to hay at the moment but he should really have his teeth sorted out..Are you on the IOW?

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    Would you eat anything solid if you'd had sore gums and perhaps tongue, possible ulceration? Give him more CC, pellets (moist if needed). Try and find some money for much needed vet. I feel your pain in this bad situation. But family, friends, side jobs for gardening, helping neighbours, something?



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