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Thread: Bonding Female Baby Bun with Two Neutered Males

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    Default Bonding Female Baby Bun with Two Neutered Males

    Hi there, I have two neutered 1 year old male rabbits. They are fully bonded and love each other A LOT. I am looking at getting a third bun to add to our family. I have experience with bonding as I have done it before with my boys BUT they were bonded pre neutering and then they were both neutered together (at roughly 5 months). I had no issues with them before/after and their bond is as strong as ever (one is naturally more dominant and one subordinate) . If I add a female baby bun (who won't be spayed yet as too young) would this create issues? I would obviously follow all the steps necessary for bonding and get her spayed as quickly as (safely) possible. I can't find anyone's experience with two neutered males and an unspayed female bun. I am hoping that as I will have her home at 8 weeks old, her hormones won't kick in for a few months and then as soon as they kick in, I can get her spayed so it will be fine.

    Let me know if you have any advice to share!!

    (Ps: the baby bun is from a friend's rabbit who had an unexpected pregnancy so needs a home roughly August time, I would LOVE to take her in but want to get it right).

    Thank you

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    Hi, this is not one of those situations where it would be a definite yes, that will cause issues. I think it's certainly worth a try. I bonded an unspayed 3 month old bunny with a neutered 7 year old bunny and it went very smoothly with absolutely no problems. They bonded very quickly and when the Doe was almost 6 months she was spayed, after which their bond remained strong.

    The only hesitation I would have is that it *might* cause issues between your two boys, but I don't think you would be able to anticipate how they would react. Personally I would give it a try, as long as you consider alternative accommodation options if it doesn't work out well.

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    I personally would not chance upsetting your boy's bond and as some of us have found, with a threesome, there is usually always one who is being left out. Rabbits like a close bond with one other Rabbit and even if all 3 were from the same litter it still might not work. If you do go ahead then the female would have to be spayed first before introducing them.



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