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    Hi, Jim is a 7 year old Dward and every few days he looks like his hind is painfull as he streatchs out to releave the pain, some days he does not eat for hours then when i tell him i am going to give him critical care he starts eating HaHa.
    but the last few days he has eatten less but is still eating a bit but not as much as he should. i took him to the vets last night and they said there is nothing wrong with his gut or his teeth and the next step would be blood test and xray, and they also said it is quite dangerous for a 7 year old to have anasthetic . does anyone recognise these syptoms please ?? or advice of what i should no next thanks...

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    Is your vet a rabbit savvy exotic vet? Sending lots of vibes

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    Could be that he has some back pain due to arthritis. Has the Vet given Jim some pain relief to have for a few days to see if it helps ?

    Another possibility is a bladder problem, for example bladder sludge and/or cystitis.

    Is your Vet Rabbit Savvy ? Not all small animal Vets have a lot of experience with Rabbit Health problems, Rabbits are classified as an Exotics species. If you are going to be paying out for diagnostics, which might well be justified, it is better to know that the Vet is experienced with Rabbits. Especially so if anaesthesia is needed.

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    Aww, I hope Jim gets well soon.
    I agree with the above and maybe search or ask for an exotics vet who is more specialised with rabbits. My 11 year old bunny had an anaesthetic last month for removal of an absess and he was fine, up, eating soon after he came round. We were referred from our usual vet to an exotic vet not far away to do the work.
    Good luck.

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    I would definitely look for a rabbit savvy vet. There's something not right if he's not eating properly, and that will lead to other issues fairly quickly. Is he losing weight? Weighing him weekly is a good way to track whether he is actually eating enough, plus checking on his poos.

    Age in itself shoudn't be an issue for sedation / anaesthetics in an older rabbit, if there are no other contraindications (so a blood test may be useful) and the vet is experienced with rabbits.
    Short term pain relief for a few days is sometimes useful to get a rabbit eating again before other investigations are carried out, but it needs to be prescribed by a vet.

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    Also, back teeth are difficult to see without sedation, so he may have a dental issue that is not visible on conscious exam.
    I agree with other postings on other possibilities.
    Pain relief would be worth trying along with urinalysis, blood work, x-ray.
    I had surgery done on a 13 year old dwarf and a couple more done on dwarfs over 10.
    Sending vibes.

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    Hi, Thank you for your assistance , I have Loxicom for pain releive . he was better yesterday but today he looks a bit sheepish yet he is eating. if he is still the same by the end of the week i will ask for him to see a rabbit savvy vet as the one i saw did not fill me with a lot of confidance.

    again thank you so much



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