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Thread: Rabbit comp questions?

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    Default Rabbit comp questions?

    For a while now I have been interested in entering my buns in a comp. I was wondering if there is a mixed breed section (as my buns are a mini lop mix and harlequin mix) and am looking for a little bit more info on comps. How old do u have to be to be a handler?

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    I don't think rabbit shows would have a mixed breed competition as I understand everything is classified / marked according to what is expected of one particular breed. Some places have a section for entering pet rabbits in a competition - we have an annual agricultural show where I live that does this. I have to say though that I always feel really sorry for the bunnies taken there. As prey animals the vast majority of bunnies would hate being taken from their secure home environment into an exposed and noisy place. I understand wanting to show off your beautiful bunnies, I'm the same, but on here is a great place ..I've seen great instagram accounts for bunnies too

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    We have a pet category in the youth section of our agricultural show. However, shows are noisy places and some have rabbits in poor environments during the show. You also have no way of knowing if other entries are ill.
    Also, stress may result in gi stasis or other health issues.
    Lastly, I would not support shows because other categories in shows promote breeding to standards and bunnies with the tiniest flaws are culled. The lucky ones become pets.

    We enjoy seeing pictures of bunnies, so looking forward to seeing yours.
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    A lot of the local agricultural shows round here classes for pets, including rabbits. Bear in mind that they will be in an almost bare metal cage of about 2' x 1' all day (before the show opens to the public, and until it closes around 5pm), inside a large tent with poor ventilation in whatever weather there is on the day (hot, wet, stormy), and hundreds of random strange people squeezing past the stacked show cages - it's not an environment that I would put any pet of mine into. Often, the small animal tents include mice, guinea pigs and hens, with only a sheet to divide them - so lots of strange smells and sounds as well. You are very limited in what you can put in the cage, so they are not identifiable by the additional items for judging purposes - so just a handful of hay and some water is usually allowed.

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