It has broken our hearts, but unfortunately we are going to have to re-home our lovely 9 month old Netherland Dwarves. They are bonded brother and sister and love each other to bits. Always sleeping snuggled together and cleaning each other. The boy is very mild mannered and chilled out. He is white with a grey nose. The little girl is brown and very sweet and exercises more than him. They both Binky about when put in the covered playpen enjoying the grass. We have had them since babies. But my daughter is sadly allergic we feel. They live outside but she has them climb onto her lap and strokes them all the time. She suffers with various allergies and we don't think keeping any pets at all is helping her.

They are kept scrupulously clean. I sweep them out twice a day as we like them to have a nice environment. They live outside in an Eglu hutch and run with playpen and covered zippi tunnel for when we are at home and can keep an eye out. The boy is neutered and they are both litter trained. Although she reverted back slightly after we brought them into a converted garage room during the storm she did a random wee, probably due to the stress of the move. She does the odd poops in the run, but they are super clean and easy to look after. They never sleep in their hutch. Always in the run. so we have it covered with a rain cover on top and taurpalin over the sides during rain, wind and at night. They love to sleep on their sponge play mats which I would provide to the new owner as they love them. They are easily hosed down and wiped dry. And once a week I wipe them with Pets at Home antibac wipes, then hose them and dry them. The sponge mats also raise them off the floor so they don't get wet in the run when it rains. They also have some areas of paving slabs to keep their nails down. We take them for regular vet checks and she said they are spot on the right weight and very healthy.

He has been neutered. She has not although they said I can get her done up to 3 years old to prevent cancers. I am based in Essex on the border of Herts. They are not rabbits for little children as they don't like being picked up (despite the confident vet having no problem!). I absolutely need them to go to a home who have had rabbits before and understand all their needs and their care. They have been so healthy that it would break our hearts to think of them going to squalid conditions or to young children who could cause them injury trying to hold them incorrectly or allowing friends to hold them etc. My dream home would be an older person/s who have the time and money to devote to them and definitely have had rabbits before. Everyone says how cute they are. They are full size now and still dinky. I unfortunately can't post pictures or their names on here because I'm so heartbroken at having to give them away, I can't bring myself to do it. So please private message me if that is an option on this site. We will also provide their tunnel and toys. They eat Haybox Hay by post and Burgess Excel nuggets for dwarf rabbits. Plus they have some forage and greens 3 times a week at the moment. They drink from a bowl which I will provide and I change the water twice a day. We have a lovely routine with them now and their hutch has a second litter tray which they use like a little bathroom.

My kids are really keen that we are going to re-home them somewhere even better and to someone even more experienced than us. So Definitely no first time owners please.

We can provide their carry case too. Any questions just let me know. I hope we can find them a super loving home xx