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    Default Litter tray

    So I have 3 litter trays in my home. One for each rabbit to use exclusively (rabbits not bonded) and one in my bedroom which is used by both of them when they have the run of the house one at a time.

    Iíve noticed that Benji seems to be holding in his pee until he is able to use the common litter tray. Donít worry heís out of his room most of the day! Flopsy is not bothered about roaming about and sheís in a huge living room with all the cool toys so I let Benji out most of the day.

    However I donít know if I should worry about his toileting habits?

    There is still some pee in his own litter tray and poops too. But he does most of it in the common litter tray (Iím assuming to mark the territory?)

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    I suspect it's marking territory too. I notice this with our humpy bunny, he'll always go to the litter tray right after Poppy to sniff at her pee and chin her poos/the edge of the tray.

    I wonder if it might be worth removing their shared tray (either giving them separate ones you swap out when you open the house up or removing entirely - they'll go back to their own room if they need to go).
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