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    Hello all, it is with great sadness that I joined the forum. My little princess died a few hours ago. I usually do not join forums but have spent countless hours reading them to learn how to care for her and found them to be very usefull so maybe this my way to pay it forward and help someone else. So here is the story. She was one and half years old, spayed and very bonded to me and the husband. We purchased her from a local feed mill. She learned tricks, kisses, high five, go around and even took her on vacation with us. She seemed fine. They last week and half or so she seemed to be a little anxious when we let her out of her cage, (nightly exercise for 2-3 hours) and stopped eating pellets but ate her hay and drank, pooped, peed. The pellets must have changed cause they looked different, she wouldn't eat any others we tried to give her in the past. We thought the anxiousness was all the activity, tree, presents, etc. Last night we heard her food dishes make an un usual sound, checked on her and seemed ok. This morning she did not greet me and I knew something was wrong. Tried all our normal vets and then some to get her in. (Holiday hours). Finally found one, left work and came home about four hours later, but I was too late. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? We miss her so much already and it's only a few hours. I just can't help but think there was something more we could have done. Sorry for rambling, thanks

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    I am very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately when a Rabbit goes off their food for any reason it can become very serious very quickly, ie gut stasis- because of the complex nature of the Rabbit digestive system.

    It is impossible to tell exactly what caused the tragic passing of your Rabbit. A Post Mortem examination might give some information, but not everyone feels it to be appropriate to have this done.

    I am assuming that you are not in the U.K. ? One common cause of sudden death in Rabbits is Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD/ VHD)

    In the U.K. we have a vaccine to offer some protection against this fatal virus, but I know a vaccine is not available in every Country, even if the disease is present.

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    So sorry that you lost your little bunny, rabbits are fragile little creatures, and being a prey animal they can hide illness very well. As has already been said, only a p.m. would give answers, and then not always. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.



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