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Thread: Bunny sick, vet closed

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    Normal poo output is a good sign, and that she's eating for herself again. You have done a good job in supporting her.
    I would monitor her weight weekly, and get the tooth spurs looked at again in, say, a month. They may need burring down. Getting her to eat more hay or grass will help to keep the teeth worn down (although there may be misalignment which means it isn't a full solution) and will keep her guts healthy.

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    Thank you so much, she’s definitely eating normal again after I checked on her this morning and will definitely monitor for all that from now on

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    The bit of skin has gone back to normal now so she was definitely right with that one, I’m so thankful!

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    You did a great job noting her illness and getting her prompt vet and home care.
    Bunnies are prey animals so they hide their pain. This makes important early diagnosis difficult. It is also why pain relief is important.
    You are fortunate to have a supportive mom to take your bunny to the vet.

    This forum has wonderful people from all over the world as members and I appreciate how those in uk and others helped me.

    I hope you will continue to visit the forum and share your stories and pictures.

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    For lots of excellent information about Rabbit Health and everything else relating to caring for Pet Rabbits take a look on here

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