Hi bunny lovers, I have a 10 year old rabbit Oslo who in the last 4 months developed a tumor on his heel from a bad sore hock that wasn't treated correctly. He lost some hair on his heel and a sore hock began to develop, I brought him to the vet who suggested olive oil? and different bedding and surfaces from the rug he usually lounged on so I changed all of that, but the sore hock kept growing and getting worse. I would clean it and soak it in epson salts but it still seemed to get worse and worse until it started growing into a tumor- all the while I was taking him to three new vets and nothing seemed to help. It's now been around the same size for a month as he's on oral antiobiotics (orbax 1 ml once a day) but I'm supposed to be covering his wound in silver sulfadiazine cream two times a day as well as administering the oral meds as a topical antiobitic. The problem is every time i put it on, I sit with him for 30-40 minutes and then once he leaves my side he starts going at it, making it bleed again. It can't make a scab because he licks at it so much. This only happens when I use the cream, but my latest vet (who also doesn't recommend surgery because of his age and where the tumor is) tells me I have to use the cream. I feel like my rabbit is walking around with an open wound. The other strange thing is that my rabbit seems to remain quite cheerful throughout the whole process. Still gives me kisses, is active, loves his food and his treats. Is there a way to put something else over the silver sulfadiazine cream so he doesn't want to touch it? If I cover in gauze he just bites it off so I may be looking into baby socks, but I have a feeling he'll just bite and tear at it more in the booties. We will be so very grateful for any suggestions! Thank you.