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Thread: Barrie is an odd sausage

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    Default Barrie is an odd sausage

    Chibbs is a sausage: she's all uniformly coloured so when she stretches out a bit she looks like a sausage. Barrie, also being uniformly coloured, also looks like a sausage. Chibbs has the nickname 'Floof Sausage' for obvious reasons. Barrie has just got 'Odd Sausage' because, well, Chibbs' head kinda matches up to her sausagy body but Barrie's, uhm, doesn't. His head is too small for his body. It was the first thing I noticed about him! The rescue said that's why there were so few pictures of him, they all made him look well weird XD

    I posted some pics to Twitter earlier: can you see how his head is definitely too small? Not that it stops him at all He spends a lot of time eating I also noticed, presumably because he's black, his pink tongue stands out a lot more. He also has two tiny white blotches on the front of his back feet and his ears are very unfurred.

    He also won't let me touch him most of the time XD I think he's traumatised from when we kept picking him up and dumping him in the run! He hasn't been back in the run for ages either: he likes spending a lot of time in the house, where the food is... He'll come round to it again

    Another thing: this morning, I was throwing some paint-covered newspaper in the bin outside while Matt was out there so I asked if he wanted to pass me the blue thing (food bowl) and snuggolesafe from last night. He said yes, but he needs to give the bunnies their rosemary first. I wondered why, then I realised: even after he'd given them it, they were all over him as soon as he put his hands in the house He is SUCH a walkover for the bunnies! They treat him like a proper slave XD They don't do it with me ;P Chibbs is all bolshy with him, it's hilarious.
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    Barrie is super shiny !!

    And it is only right that Matt knows his place, I hope he reports for duty on time every day otherwise there might be a Rabbit Riot to contend with

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    That made me laugh - that the rescue didn't photograph him much on account of his tiny head He's a lovely bunny though, very handsome. I'm game if you wanna swap him for Mouse or Joey with their normal heads (albeit on gone wrong bodies)???

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    This made me laugh. As if the rabbits have already taken over the hierarchy of the house, everyone will know their place.

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    Aww it's what's inside his head that's important Are they still getting on well?

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    Awwww Rupert has a too big head and Lilac's looks too small! Tell Barrie he's not alone having a funny head

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    Aww he looks lovely!

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