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Thread: Bunny gone off majority of food

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    Default Bunny gone off majority of food

    Hi all. Our buttons has been poorly last few days. Monday she was fine her poos recently have been really big and good brown colour too yet Tues morning out of the blue she didn't want any of her nuggets, none of her hay and no greens. We took her to out of hours due to Xmas they said she healthy bun but couldn't see her back teeth and couldnt rule out start of stassis as we thought that might be issue with pain. They did weight and her tummy etc all fine and gave her injections for pain and gut stimulant and we took away both and recovery food sachets also which we gave her over next few days. Took her to normal vets next day on weds and again said tummy etc fine but again couldn't see her back teeth and to keep doing what we're doing. She started eating greens weds night and then some nuggets but not a lot from Thurs yet she's still scratching around at the hay hardly eating any and we get soft and blend from haybox so nothing been changed recently. She definitely looks hungry and eats most of greens though which are softer obviously. So managed to see our regular vet today Fri who did get to see her back teeth and said they weren't bad at all!? He thinks could be hair as she shredding a lot recently and she's brushed at least 4 times a week. And to cap it off he said her tummy today was quiet he couldn't hear anything? Her poos ever since Tues have gone really small and dark, sometimes tiny and sometimes with some hair in. So upshot is he's given her full dose of painkiller and gut stimulant today which we're going to continue over new year and he said if still the same by the 4th of Jan to do her teeth just in case. Her appetite is definitely there but we're just confused as to the root cause. Sorry for length wanted to cover majority of what's gone on

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    It is still possible that there are some dental problems as without sedation it is impossible to get a view of 100% of the oral cavity of a Rabbit. Also, Dental discomfort could originate from the tooth roots if they are elongated. Skull Radiographs are needed to diagnose tooth root elongation.

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    Is there any update? And yes it sounds very much like dental (sedation and skull radiography and detailet check of oral cavity). Could also be tummy issues-ingested fur. In the worst case some othe tumor/masses. But yeah rabbit savy vet is needed.

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    Hi update is a happy one. Buttons saw the vet last friday and he doubled the dose of pain killer and gut stimulant and it seemed to do the trick her poos have never been bigger and she's got all her appetite back 🙂



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