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Hi Clair, thank you for your support. Apologies for not updating sooner, it's been quite a stressful time with a bit of covid thrown in too

It's been 4 weeks now and we're still having the same problems. A&D have been bonding daily every day since my last post. A goes to her room of an evening to get a full sleep and there's a fence at her door where D can visit. He will sleep in his own room and come check on her regularly throughout the night. There has been no nipping/aggression through the fence.

Each morning, the fence gate is opened and A takes herself to the bonding room swiftly followed by D. When they meet in there, D is excited and will do a few binks. A is keen for cuddles and kisses so will snuggle into him and bow her head. He will give a few kisses before the excitement gets too much and he has to bink more. They then settle for the day.

They eat together and share food with no problems. They will sleep properly with each other. A does some lovely flop rolls into him and seems to really enjoy his warmth (she is a tiny thing). D is also a flop monster and will sleep almost on his back. They will lounge, groom each other, snuggle, explore together etc. I introduced toys and took away a bathroom so they were left with just one - no issues, they play well together and there has been zero dominance over toilets/food/toys/blankets.

The issue we're still having, and the reason they're still supervised the entire time, is D doesn't seem to be able to control himself at times. When he first latched on to A's back in that first week, he caused a scratch which scabbed over. Since then, when he cleans A, he will gradually move to the same spot on her back and nibble at the spot. D usually firstly responds by backing up so that her head is positioned under his again to redirect his cleans. When it happens again, she either gets annoyed and walks away or she will give him a warning nip. Some times it's left there and he'll lower his head and settle. Other times, he will chase after her trying to grab on to her back. This will then result in A spinning around to warn him off, he snaps back and they tussle.

On 4 occasions, he has charged at her and pinned her, fell to his side and kicked her. They will both latch on and seem to grip on to fur as opposed to skin. Neither has suffered more than a scratch. After each fight or tussle, they will be separated but immediately try to get to each other. Then, when they're back together, A asks for a clean and D will give it before wanting to snuggle. They'll then settle nicely.

I try to stop D each time he tries to "clean" the spot on her back but he is relentless. As a result, they need watching constantly.

In all my years of bunny bonding, I've never had anything like this. 4 weeks in and they appear bonded but have the potential to erupt so need constant supervision. I'm not sure how to progress beyond this point. I've thought it could be boredom with D so I've tried playing with him whenever he starts to get manic about cleaning her. I've considered putting a cape on A so that her back is covered I've groomed her back fully to make sure there is nothing there to pick at. I've tried distracting D with treats, grooming him, stroking him, making noises - everything that I can think of.

At this rate, I can't see that we will ever reach a point where they can be left unsupervised. I'm reluctant to give up on them as when they're good, they're brilliant. My little A has been through so much lately too and seems to enjoy being settled with him. As you say, if they hated each other then there wouldn't be so much positivity.

I wish I had taken her bunny bonding but as there was only one bun available for adoption and she got on well with him straight away, we likely would have ended up with the same situation.

Gah! They really do know how to test us these buns
Hi, howís things going? Iím so sorry just getting back now. We have had a lot going on with health & bereavement. Not been a good time of it. Anyway I read your post & thatís a really hard situation for you. Iíd be worried to leave them unsupervised so completely understand why after reading. Itís so strange that thereís so much good then the incidents. Iíd say put up another post maybe for advice. With A being older & more fragile itís really hard I can imagine. How old is A again? I donít know if this is an option but is it possible to keep D with his already bonded partner & get a companion for A? Then have 4 but separate pairs? I know if one passed it would mean getting another & I know itís a commitment you may not want to it have the option of doing. If you did I would take her to a rescue to get bonded with a bun of her choice & that way they would do it for you. I wish I did that with my girl. Iím planning trying bonding again next week with them. Xx

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