Despite having had rabbits a long time, there are still lots of things I can and do learn.

I have previously had mini lops, french lops, continental giant, mini rex, netherland dwarf and a no idea what breed you were bun.

I love them all the same but I have a special connection to my French Lop doe, who always gets called big bun, big bun bun - you get the picture, there is something about stroking her that is hard to describe - the warmth of her fur and ears there is nothing like it to me. When I do have to pick her up and check everything she is fine for short periods as long as she is up near on my shoulder. My mini lop is the cutest who sleeps in the most adorable of positions and although enjoys to be stroked, can be a little wary when its time to be checked over and likes to run off until the food comes back out to tempt. Then there is netherland dwarf family - recent additions living separate area to my other 2, new adventures and experiences to learn with these as I decide what is best for them.