I've been thinking a lot today about the whole dry/wet feeding thing and piggies. Pearl has both gut and bladder issues, and she has been awful today with her guts. Urgh, stinky rotten splats galore. It may be a coincidence from feeding the veg wet, but I'm going to go back to drying it.

But, I have been reading that some piggy people don't feed the suggested 80% hay, 15% veg, 5% pellets rough amount, but feed lots of grass in the summer, and a lot of veg in the winter, so there is a lot more moisture in the food. I still have a lot of misgivings and confusion about grass, because when I feed lots of grass the pee goes white with calcium. But, since it's not grass feeding season anyway, I'm not going to worry so much about over-feeding veg.