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Thread: Urinating on sofa.

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    Default Urinating on sofa.

    Please help, I have a 10 month old French lop doe who was spayed 9 weeks ago. Every time I let her out she wees on my sofa. I was hoping she would stop after she was spayed but if anything its getting worse. Im having to use washable incontinence pads to try and protect the sofa as you can imagine being a big girl her wees are quite voluminous.
    Any help is hugely appreciated.

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    I'm sorry she keeps peeing on the sofa; that's not fun... I'm not sure how long it takes, but the hormones might not be completely out of her system yet? Either way, it probably has become a habit by now, something she'll keep doing regardless of hormones. If you can keep her from getting on the sofa for a while, it'll break her habit and it might be safe to let her back on after a few weeks. Bunnies do like peeing on soft surfaces, though, so it could be something she'll never stop doing.
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    I've heard that after neutering, rabbits continue to pee on soft places like sofas and beds. So I know the only solution is to not allow but I hope someone who knows the real solution can help you.

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    Ah that doesn't sound like fun
    From my experience my boy kept weeing on the sofa and the bed even after he was neutered until I started only allowing him on the sofa and bed when I was around and then watched him like a hawk and as soon as I see the tail go up I'd pick him up and put him in the litter tray and then not let him back on for a bit. Eventually he seemed to get the message and is now fine unsupervised on the sofa.
    He still sometimes tries to wee on the bed though so don't think it ever completely goes away

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    Thank you for your replies I’ve tried watching her like a hawk and she knows she shouldn’t be doing it because as soon as I say her name she flicks her ears and runs off. I think I’ll try keeping her off the sofa to see if that will work. Thanks again, appreciate it.



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