Hi I'm a new bun Mum. We've had our 2 gorgeous Netherland Dwarves for a month. A week ago tomorrow our boy was neutered. I have had them (sister and brother), both inside since then, in a room with no heating. Am going to order a thermometer so I can check their outside hutch etc etc. They're not moulting any more but I've noticed the odd hair flying around (especially at their vets check) and a couple of hairs in their water bowl before I clean and refill it. The nurse said he's still not ready to go outside at night yet, but suggested I put them back in their outside run for a couple of hours a day for a little run around and some fresh air. I am planning to keep them outside after he is fully healed. I have an Omlet hutch and 2 metre run plus tunnel that leads to a playpen. My question (that I forgot to ask), was will he lose his Winter fur this time? Plus I'm planning to keep them outside at Winter until it dips alot lower than 10 degrees or there are fireworks. What's your view? Also one side of his wound has a scab. She said it's not infected, but said she may remove it to check the stitches underneath. Eek. Anyone had experience of that? Hope he heals soon, he's doing really well. Eating, drinking, cleaning and pooping, weeing fine. I just worry about his more lively sister getting bored.