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Thread: Co-trimoxazole antibiotics for rabbits?

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    Default Co-trimoxazole antibiotics for rabbits?

    My Oscar developed an abscess on the end of his nose. The vet drained the puss and prescribed a course of baytril. At the same time he took a swab of the puss for a culture test. After 5 days the test results came back and suggested that baytril was likely to be ineffective. So he was started on co-trimoxazole. The vet mentioned that its not licensed for rabbits but that it should be ok. He's been on it for 3 days now and he seems to be less well than when he started. He's a bit subdued and his hay intake is well down although he is still eating everything else. Droppings seem to be very up and down in quantity. I don't know if thats because the infection has spread after 5 days on ineffective baytril, or if the co-trimoxazole has only been going for 3 days and not kicked in yet, or if the co-trimoxazole is causing an adverse reaction or side-effects. I have an appointment booked for a check up on Tuesday morning, which will be 5 days after starting on the co-trimoxazole. Any thoughts, or anybody else been prescribed this drug?
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