I have done the hardest thing in ages, I am beyond devasted and yet it is a really the best thing.
Since having rabbits, my home situation has changed beyond belief, we are no longer a twosome at home with unlimited time. We are now three and a half at home with the half being 4 days a week and 3 years old. We all work too but I am carer for Mum with stage 6 dementia and Dad at 86 failing health wise (9 pulmonary embolisms etc). A 3 year old and a house rabbit is not really compatible in our small home.
We promised Rups a forever home, but that home was now not a good place for him. We contacted rescues after Susan’s death but a special 3 year old and Rups size (7.2kgs) rescues were reluctant to rehome to us.
Rups was really unhappy on his own and his skin flared and he wasn’t eating properly. We did go back and forth to the vets but my boy was grieving and sad to be alone.
So we looked at Rups going back to rescue, I contacted a few local but with him not being able to keep his tail area clean (he is too long) and his stresses (affecting his skin) and his eyes (which Susan kept clean) they did not want to take him.
I have been a follower of Camp Nibble for a while – since buying from a certain Soap Kitchen and think they do wonderful work. I contacted them with the view to them taking Rups. He went on Monday and I have become one of those people who in the past I have judged so harshly for giving up pets.
Rups has a new name on Camp Nibble if anyone wants to “see” him. He has become Rupaul and will be bonded with Marky Mark, Thumberlina, Godzilla and another tiny nethie. (I hope) and will have a home for life. We will sponsor him for the rest of his life.
So thank you for the help, support, advice, laughs, friendship and time spent in your community. I am so very grateful to have found you particularly support with Dillon and his EC. I will pop on here from time to time but at the moment I am just plain sad.