I rehomed an 18 month old giant continental rabbit called Timmy.
I have only had him one month and he sadly passed away on Friday.
He had a good diet of greens , hay and his bowl of pellets in the evening.
On Friday morning I noticed he seemed lethargic , he was still eating a lot but I also noticed worms in his poo (I have no other rabbits)
I took him to the vets and on the way he went into shock and sadly once there his heart stopped.
I am heartbroken, he deserved longer to live and be happy.
The vet said the x-ray showed he had stasis.

Iíve been wracking my brains as to why it happened.
I have chickens and I suddenly remember on the Monday he ate some of their corn on the cob before I realised rabbits couldnít have it.
I feel so sick and guilty wondering if that causes the stasis.
Could it have happened 4 days after a few bites?
Or could it have been related to the worms?

Thank you