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Bless him!

I think I'd want more clarification on the pain meds, why he can't continue etc if there's alternatives maybe? Because if nothings changed, surely without the pain relief he will be in discomfort again? It's a tough one, but it'll probably be a case of weighing up the pros and cons. Like some meds cause issues if used longterm, but if there's no quality of life without those meds, what's the point. Just my thoughts, Clementine has been on some stuff on and off which could cause her problems, but it was all that was keeping her here, so I figured it was worth a shot if it gave her quality of life. Just thought I'd throw that out there, it's a tough situation to be in
Yes, I completely agree with you. If it's because the meds cause issues in the longterm, then, well, at least he'll still be comfortable for a while, instead of having no quality of life without them. From what the vet said on Friday, it seemed more because they're not supposed to let people have the medication at home? She said she'd make an exception because it was the only thing left to try for Casper, but that she's not actually supposed to give the injections to me. So, if there's a rule about that, I can't ask the vets to do something illegal... But maybe there'd be an alternative, yeah, some other painkiller? I don't know... They did say to call back if he gets worse again, so I assume we'd be able to discuss our options then.