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Thread: Hay Feeding Survey - Entered into a draw to win 50

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    Default Hay Feeding Survey - Entered into a draw to win 50

    Hi Bunny owners,

    Hope this is ok to post here. I work for a company that sells premium hay, primarily to horses however we always have loads of rabbit and Guinea pig owners come in to buy the hay after being sick of the low and non-consistent quality hay they are getting elsewhere. We've had so many small pet customers loving the hay that we have decided to develop a dedicated small pet business for quality hay that can be bought online and send via post.

    To help us better meet the requirements of small pets we have developed a research survey that we would really appreciate any bunny owners completing. As a thank you everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win a 50 voucher:

    The link is:

    Thank you so much for anyone who takes the time to complete
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    Interesting survey.



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