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Thread: Craig (and Flo) *NEW* update - Oct 2nd Plus video

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    Default Craig (and Flo) *NEW* update - Oct 2nd Plus video

    Firstly, my sincerest apologies for taking time away from the forum over the last couple of months. To everyone whose news I have missed, I am deeply sorry that I have not been active and I am slowly trying to look through the threads when time allows me. I am upset that I missed being able to support my RU friends when they lost their pets - I wish I was able to turn back the clock so that I could support those friends at that time. I will post my own support to those threads when I am able to.
    I am not yet feeling as strong as I would like, or as confident or positive. I still have some way to go on whatever my journey is, in order to feel better and understand things more. Right now, as they were back in June, things and life are just challenging and each day I continue to struggle with the loss of Leo.
    Ironically, the day after I posted my last thread about taking a break, I was almost killed by a selfish idiot who was driving whilst using their mobile phone. A simple drive to work turned into a scare fest as this vehicle drifted, neigh skewed across the road fully into my lane forcing me onto the pavement and they still managed to hit my car. There have been a few other incidents but I'll not dwell on those at this time. Tomorrow I have yet another tedious phone appointment with my GP and we'll see how that goes. I'm not confident or hopeful of any positive diagnosis.
    Anyway, I am sure that aside from me boring you all with my woes, I am sure you would like to know how Flo is.
    Flo is ok - she is presently enjoying the evening warmth outside as the light fades. She is still very much wary of us here - I am not sure whether she has hearing issues or not as she doesn't seem to hear me come down in a morning. She seems to have periods of being extremely afraid of us and then a short while later, she happily settles for a brief spell of strokes but these are on her terms. We are very conscious of the time she has been with us and that she is solo and ironically she has spent more time with us as a solo bun than she has with her bond with Leo. That saddens me and I was deeply effected and upset by Flo's resistance to the bond we looked at with Peanut.
    The charity where we rescued Flo from, had some potential hus-buns and we enquired about one beautiful gentle male bunny who came to the rescue as an abandoned bunny. He was a gentle soul and was a similar age to Flo. The centre have some behavioural experts and we were hoping that they could help with any potential bond. But, with the way things had been going, we were then given some deeply upsetting news. The weekend before some crucial meetings were due to take place, the male bunny suddenly suffered some very serious medical emergency. He continued to deteriorate and the centre's vet had little option but to PTS. I was deeply upset for the bunny. It felt like a very personal loss for us even though we had not met him. The centre wished that his previous owners had handed him in rather than just dumped him - they could at least have then known more history about him. This was a significant set back and I took this loss very badly.
    The centre then advised us of another bunny that had arrived and that they would look into the possibility of a bond. I explained the predicament we faced and that we are unable to provide neutral areas and my concerns for Flo's behavior. The centre agreed to look at this and with the help of their behavioural experts they have kindly agreed to provide accommodation and facilities in order to help with the bonding process. However, there was also a young male bun at the centre who has been there for many months with no one seemingly interested. We agreed that we would like very much to explore a possible bond between Flo and this bunny because I felt that this bunny would continue to be overlooked and it is just so sad that some bunnies are just overlooked by so many. This bunny has as much right to a second chance, a loving home and companionship as any other bunny.
    This is the bunny...

    And so, on Friday of this week, we will sign Flo back into the care of the rescue centre. She will take all the toys and belongings from here that we can pack, so that she at least has some familiar items from her home here. And whilst it will not be 'home' for her, she will have things that remind her of home and hopefully not make her feel as anxious and worried as she might otherwise be. But it will also be very hard on Flo as she has emotional problems dealing with things. But it is the only way we can make a more sustained attempt at a bond. It will either work, or it won't. And if it doesn't, then we will know that Flo has greater emotional problems than we presently know.
    Whilst she is away, we will deep clean the house as best we can. I will hire a carpet cleaner and go round the living room carpet. We will clean the furniture as best we can but we can only do what we can. We will both be anxious about Flo whilst she is away and I know how much Flo will be confused by all this. I wish there was another way I could have done this but I am hoping that the additional support from the rescue centre will enable Flo to bond with this potential hus-bun. We will liaise closely with the centre and get regular updates. On top of that, the additional minor issue could be that if Flo and this new bunny do bond, when they return to us, Flo should remember this house as her home, but this will all be new for the new bun and he will have to start his own journey of adjusting to life not only in a new environment, but with a companion. So this is an added complication
    So that is pretty much as up to date as things are - given a gap of about 8-10 weeks or so. I will update the thread as much as I can but I am not finding I have much time at the moment so I apologise if I'm not on the forum as much as I would like to be.
    Craig xx
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    Thankyou so much for posting Best of luck, and big hugs xxx
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    You are so right to continue to struggle with this loss, because Leo was your son. Our rabbits are really like our children, only those who feel it know. Nothing replaces the lost, there is no way to describe this pain. Don't listen to those who judge you because you're still sad, live your pain as you want. Time doesn't heal but it gets used to it. After that they only remain in our memories.

    I hope Flo manages to bond, I congratulate you for fighting and helping Flo with all your might despite all that.

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    Welcome back, Craig I'm glad to hear that Flo is enjoying life and that she has a chance of a new friend. I hope all goes well for her on Friday.

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    Lovely to hear from you Craig, you are often in my thoughts, but sorry that things have been so tough for you. You are doing a lovely thing for Flo, and also for this rescue bunny, and I really hope that this works out for them, and for you and Jan. Take care of yourself xxx

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    hello & wishing everybun good luck

    i don't feel you need to feel guilty about not posting support - silent vibes are good too & I'm sure we all give what we can, when we can

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    You have always supported me and I missed your posts because I was unable to return your kindness by supporting you after the loss of lovely Leo and Flo's personality change after she lost him.
    What you are and have been dealing with after losing multiple bunnies after valiant efforts to save them would be physically,mentally and emotionally draining to anyone with a heart.
    Thank you for the update on Flo. It would be wonderful if the forgotten little male at the rescue could get a forever home and a friend and Flo could have a companion and be less fearful.
    That lop male is very handsome. Sending positive vibes to you all.

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    I’m glad you feel able to post again. Fingers crossed for the bond and for you that things will start to get better for you all xx

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    Thank you for updating us Craig. I was just thinking about you the other day! Sending much love and supportive thoughts from Bertieville. xx

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    I hope things work out for Flo and the Rescue Buck

    RIP other Rescue Buck Bunny

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