It's good to hear from you, Craig. It sounds like you've been having such a difficult time with everything (even being in a really scary car accident!), so it's so understandable that you haven't been able to post. I'm glad Flo is doing okay, though it sounds like she's struggling as well, poor girl... I'm wishing her the very best of luck at the rescue centre, hopefully bonding to the very sweet-looking bunny in the photo. I so hope for her that it'll go well and she'll have a friend and maybe get some more confidence. Of course it'll be a very anxious time, having Flo away from home, yes, for Flo and for you and your wife as well, so I hope the rescue will have reassuring news for you while she's there. Sending Flo lots and lots of bonding vibes!

How incredibly sad, though, about that other bunny.