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    Please, please do not be complacent about the risk Foxes pose to Rabbits. Don’t assume that just because you never see a Fox that Foxes are not about, even in very built up urban areas.

    On other Social Media platforms over the last week there have been posts about people losing much loved Rabbits to Foxes. Sadly some of these Rabbits were allowed to free roam unsupervised in the garden, but some were taken from what the care giver thought was secure accommodation.

    Having lost a HOUSE RABBIT to a Fox who came into my house several years ago I know from horrific first hand experience that Foxes have no fear, especially urban Foxes who have been tamed by people leaving food out for them.

    The first time you see a Fox in your garden may be the last time you see your Rabbits

    ETA and this morning someone has posted a video cam recording of what a Fox does in a garden with Rabbits in The person’s garden, their Rabbits too
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