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Yea I've been thinking this lately, I know I've got two rexes with sensitive guts so maybe my view is skewed somewhat, but I think bunny diets need to be a lot more simple. Even Apricot has a pretty simple diet, basically just loads of hay and she has some dill daily because she'd murder me if I didn't.. And some forage, nothing too complicated though, I used to feed a lot more stuff but I'm thinking simpler is better tbh. Do give her veggie scraps too daily when Evelyn has veggies, but nowhere near the sheer amount I used to buy just for the buns!
I also agree, we've never really bought anything for ours (just offcuts, peels etc.) and apart from Buttons' incident, we've never had an issue with forage and hay. And pellets for those obsessed (everybun now except Chibbs!).