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    Hi! This is my first time posting here so hopefully this is in the right place .

    Last year my male rabbit sadly passed away meaning I was left with a single female (Clover). Clover is 7/8 years old and has been living on her own, mainly inside over winter. She seems happy enough but is starting to shows signs of slowing down due to her age. I recently adopted a 5 year old neutered male (Ron) with the view to bond him with Clover. They are currently living side by side during the day and get on fine next to each other. However, the first few 'face to face' bonding sessions haven't gone well. There's been a lot of aggression between them and they seem to hate each other! The other day Ron seemed to 'shut down' completely and just sat in a corner shaking. I later noticed he sustained a small cut on his back from a fight with Clover. All the sessions have been done in a neutral space (either the bathroom or a run on the grass). I tried a small enclosure but this just seemed to stress them out more. I ensure they don't escalate to any 'full-blown' fights but it's difficult. Is there any hope they can be bonded? If so, what are the best methods for navigating a tricky bond? Would they be happy enough living side by side? Any advice would be greatly appreciated- Thank you!

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    What size enclosure have you tried? And how long for?

    I wonder if there's anyone close to you who might be able to try for you. Some of the rescues offer a bonding service.

    I don't have huge amount of bonding experience but the only two I tried who looked like they really wanted to hurt each other (as opposed to a bit of chasing or fur pulling) only got worse the more I tried. Before them I believed with enough perseverance you could bond any two rabbits but now I think some bonds just aren't meant to be. I do believe even if they won't bond that they will both be getting a lot out of living next to each other and won't be as lonely as if they were the only rabbit in the household.

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    Females are so territorial and he senses her aggression hence being scared. How long have you had the new boy? I think it will work out but it is going to take a long time for him to grow on her. Good luck.



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