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Thread: Rabbit savvy vet in Swansea/South Wales? Help with potentially complex issue

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    Default Rabbit savvy vet in Swansea/South Wales? Help with potentially complex issue

    Hi everyone,

    As the title says, is there anyone in South Wales who can recommend a rabbit specialist vet? My bunny Layla is having treatment for what is presumed to be snuffles but I would like to go to a more experienced vet to get proper in depth diagnostics done if this 2nd round of antibiotics doesn't work as the antibiotics are harming her health far more than the infrequent sneezing and snoring she was experiencing (sneezing is improving after a week of the sulfatrim but she still snores and wheezes).

    I suspect she needs a full on in depth dental cheeck, especially as she is a 4 year old rescue so I have no clue if she has been on the correct diet before she came to me (the vet said they checked her teeth but isn't it difficult to fully check cheek teeth without sedation?). I also thought she may need a nasal flush and some cultures done to identify what the actual issue is.

    I also noticed some small lumps on her nose bridge (maybe 1 inch above her nostrils) so that are worrying me a lot... Best case scenario its inflammation from the infection perhaps, or something trapped there? If not I'm worried about tumors, or that she damaged her nose from 'fighting' with the c an c grids we used to enclose her when bonding her with her partner; she she would stick her nose between the grids and use her teeth to drag them very determinedly. The nose bumps are right where the grids would come up on her nose, which has left an indentation in her fur. I haven't used the grids for weeks as bonding is complete and she is free roam, but the indents remain (see photos).

    I'm very thankful for any help,


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    I dont have any personal experience but I usually use this list to find rabbit savvy vets.

    It's also worth asking your current vets where they would refer to for a specialist.

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    I'm really sorry to read that Layla is poorly.

    Are you able to get to Bristol? One of the members on here travelled from South Wales to see a rabbit specialist in Bristol. I can't remember the name of the practice but I do remember that the vet's name was Sonya. If you use the search link posted above you should be able to track down the practice.

    Good luck, I hope you manage to get her seen by a specialist soon.

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