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Thread: Haybox vs timothyhay

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    Default Haybox vs timothyhay


    We have always had hay from and my two always love the first half of the bale but get a bit 'meh' during the second half. I get a mix of their soft Timothy and their stalky Timothy. I store it inside my flat, in a dry and breathable container so the hay itself should be fine and not go bad, but they do seem less fussed as we get through the bale.

    I was considering giving Haybox a try instead. Their blend box looks great and I like that you can buy smaller weights so it is a bit fresher. Timothyhay is in huge amounts and it takes me a while to get through it so worried it gets a bit old and a bit compressed/dusty.

    Has anyone used Haybox before, or even better has anyone used Haybox AND timothyhay before and can compare the two?

    Thanks in advance!

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