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Thread: *Warning Sensitive Subject * Not ALL Rabbits Can Cope With Extremely Cold Weather....

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    It's a good topic, and 'paw's for thought!

    My buns had no problems at all in England outside, although the weather was so, so mild compared to here.

    We frequently get over a foot of snow now, severe ice, and temps of - 6, although have hit -8/-9 this winter. When I first moved here, the first two winters weren't that bad at all, but now, I definitely wouldn't have a bun outside unless was a heated shed. I have to admit though, I would be worried about them going in and out of the heated shed into cold draughty run all day/night.

    Not judging anyone at all btw. I always had outdoor buns before here, and I would again, but in a milder weather area.

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    My 2 outdoor rabbits are 8 years old. Due to the coooold winter I have put a thick layer of newspaper and straw on their shed floor. They also have an oil filled radiator (out of reach) which takes some of the chill off but doesnt really heat the shed.

    They also have shelves which they like to sit on and 24/7 access to a run. I will only have house rabbits once they go, for my peace of mind.



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