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When I had my stasis-prone bunnies, the reason I had to bring them inside permanently was because I frequently noticed stasis was happening as a result of a cold night. It didn't help that they were quite happy to sit outside in the run at a cold temperature, rather than snuggling up inside the hutch part. So it appeared that they weren't bothered by the cold, but then one of them would be in the early signs of stasis by the morning.
This has happened with my boy Hamilton, too. If he gets too cold it can trigger stasis. But it only happens once a year, when the first cold snap hits and it's a shock to his system. After a couple of hours inside he is fine again, goes back out and it doesn't happen again, even if it gets way colder. It has only happened to him the past two years, but he is eight now, so I think it's age related. My other three are absolutely fine and don't show any signs of being cold. They love playing out in the snow too.

In response to Jane's question, I think the issue is more to do with neglectful owners, because owners who really care about their rabbits and love them will be able to tell if there is something wrong immediately, and will check on them several times a day, no matter the weather.

That being said, we are intending to move house within a year, because I'd much rather have them indoors in the winter. Our current house is far too small to have them inside, though.