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Thread: Baby rabbit just eaten a bit of rubber 😩

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    Default Baby rabbit just eaten a bit of rubber 😩

    I was cleaning him out, and I have one of those rubbery dust pan and brushes. Literally within the blink of an eye, I see him chewing the brush rubber part - I picked him up whilst he was chewing to try and get it out his mouth but he wasnít having any of it! So heís ingested it 😓😥
    Iím really worried now as I know how delicate their tummyís are. He seems fine, should I just keep a close eye on him??

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    assuming this was just a small piece (?)....

    i expect he will be fine, but yes, keep a close eye. make sure he continues to eat (FOOD, NOT RUBBER ) and poop.

    .... just my non-expert opinion.

    if you're reading this it's too late.

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    Echoing what mikek said Delicate they are but sometimes they'll just do stupid things and be fine
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    Thanks Yeah was a a small piece luckily - silly little sausage! Anyone would think we didnít feed him 🥴😅



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