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Thread: Spring is in the air?!!

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    Default Spring is in the air?!!

    According to Odin! We've got Mr Humpy Pants back again, not horrendous but persistent. Freja's a bit fed up but is making good use of the tunnels to get some daytime naps. There aren't any obvious stressors to trigger it, so seeing as he has also almost finished moulting I'm assuming it's just spring fever? do I just have to resign myself to the fact that he is a humpy boy and that's that?
    Anyone else got spring fever yet? It's -6 here, not been above freezing for 3 weeks really, so I think he's a little premature!!

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    Rodney has a spring in his step and the slightly crazed look in the eye that tells me Spring Fever is here.

    In this household it means lots of daredevilry from Rodney my little Griffindork and Primrose used to nest lots. I think Blossom is going to be a digger judging by the very precise deep hole in their litter tray!

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    Spring fever has been prevalent in the wild bunnies here: we have a very healthy population (we have seen up to 20 rabbits per mile on our walk ) and the ones in the Tennis Centre were going at it the other day, back in the warmer period in January: not humpy times but trying to kill each other. One of them was properly dominating and chasing the others, beating them up if they caught them. It's really weird watching a silent fight! Matt was quite distressed by it The Boots Meadow bunnies have been chasing each other a lot as well (less full-on fighting), before it got really cold: saving their energy for eating now.
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    Frosty is humping Daisy very often. Hope it is just spring fever.

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    Lots of humping and chasing going on here too! Hopefully it's just spring fever - don't know how they can think that with the weather we're having!

    From people's experience how long does 'spring fever' go on for?



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