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Thread: Showing signs of stress & possible head problem? *video link in post*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanpm View Post
    Ah yes forgot to mention, she also will be on a 9 day treatment.
    I think it should be 28 days. 9days is for worms.

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    Iím glad he has been seen to and hopefully he has the right treatment right now to make him all better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonibun View Post
    I think it should be 28 days. 9days is for worms.
    Many Vets prescribe 9 days for in contact Rabbits. So OP needs to confirm with Vet treating Bunny
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    Fred has now been treated for e-cuniculi and his condition has not worsened.
    My suspicion was that it was perhaps something else, but no harm in treating regardless.

    Thank you to all on this thread!



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