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Thread: Getting My Baby Boy Neutered

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    (Sorry this is so long I love talking about my boy)

    Hey all,

    I'm new. My name is Raelinn and I have had my little guy Gustavo (Gus for short) since he was a baby (now 7 months old). I impulse bought him from a breeder off Craigstlist, and Gus has been the best mistake ever! I didnt know much when I got him but after trials and tribulations we are all very happy and he is very spoiled! Free-roam and all!

    Anyways, one reason why I still sometimes refer to him as a mistake is that I have always been tight on money. I got him when I was living with my parent right after my 18th birthday and now that I have my own apartment and bills to pay; its tough starting out. Thankfully I am in a semi-okay position, which is why I have been considering getting Gus a wifebun, which led me to getting him neutered. Unfortunately, where I live, it is VERY expensive and I've had a hard time deciding who is the best for my baby. By expensive I'm talking $220-$300 for the surgery, $55 for exam, $120 for X-Ray (optional) and $100 for bloodwork (also optional). I made him an appointment with this vet who seems really good, receptionist answered all my questions and said they spay/neuter bunnies like once a week and don't usually have any casualties. Their vet has a degree in small mammal/exotic pet care, it seems pretty alright.


    Gus is my little baby boy who I love to the moon and back. He is everything to me; which is why I spoil him rotten and try to give him what he deserves; the best of the best. I am absolutely petrified for him to go under, especially after reading horror stories of dropping a bun off and never seeing him again. I just can't even fathom the idea. It makes sense to do any possible test beforehand; but its very expensive. I guess what I am getting at here is, should I spend all that money getting X-Rays and bloodwork done ontop of a full exam before surgery? My significant other thinks X-Rays are a bit much but I've always liked Gus just a little more than them so I dont know.

    Gus is so lonely, though. I come downstairs at night and find him just sitting and staring off into the void looking so, so sad. I know the last step is getting him a friend. Although of course I want more bunnies now that I truly understand bunny ownership, I ultimately want to do what is best for Gus. I want him to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

    Just some background; the breeder I got him from (won't be getting wifebun from a breeder, I know more now than I did then) kept his bunnies in iffy conditions. Large hutch outside, tons of them huddled together, not enough space to binky, and no greens. He had flemishs in a weird chicken coop/bunny run thing way too tiny for them. He said Gus had been checked by a vet; but then couldn't recommend a rabbit savvy vet in the area. For all I know, Gus may have never seen a vet in his life, which makes me lean more towards X-Rays and bloodwork.

    Anyways, any advice/successful neutering stories welcome and appreciated!

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    He is adorable it’s extremely rare to lose a bunny under anaesthetic, for a boy the op is less invasive so less risky, although there is always a small risk. The vet should be able to give him a good check up to make sure he is healthy before his operation. Obviously if you have the blood tests done that gives more of a reassurance that everything is ok with him. I know it’s a worry having any operation done though!

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    He is beautiful!

    I understand your concerns about the neuter. I think pretty much all of us have had the same worries when we've had to send ours off for a neuter.

    Unfortunately there's no guarantee that the worst won't happen, just by the nature of having to undergo a GA. The best you can do is mitigate the risk. You've already done an important one in sourcing a rabbit savvy and experienced vet.

    I did have a chat with a vet once about bunnies and GAs. She said that usually when a bunny passes away under anaesthetic it's because of an underlying, undetected health issue. So I would give serious consideration to having a full health check and diagnostics beforehand just to give yourself some reassurance before he has the neuter.
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    I recently had my Zoro neutered -no bloods or x rays. Zorro was given pain meds for five days, so be sure to get those -rabbits hide pain.
    I was worried, yet he is young and healthy and did awesome. Neuter may also keep Gus from marking territory or being hormonal.
    I would neuter and may do bloods since you are so attached to Gus.
    He is very cute!
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    If he's a young rabbit with no symptoms and a good diet I personally wouldn't bother with the x-rays (I'd only really be inclined to check up on teeth, but if external exam of the mouth shows his teeth are fine I'd accept that). Bloods are a good thing imo, just in case something shows up.
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