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Thread: Push lights in a outdoor hutch?

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    Default Push lights in a outdoor hutch?

    Iíve been thinking about getting some LED push lights to stick to the inside ceiling of my rabbit hutch (2ft high) just so i can see them easier when im looking out the window or through their bunny cam. Was wondering if it would be safe to do so? Thanks.

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    I don't think so as Rabbits need to be in the dark overnight, just like us really.

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    As Tonibun says, rabbits need a defined day / night cycle - adding permanently 'on' lights would disrupt their natural cycles.

    The rabbits would probably be able to reach up to them and chew them - I don't think they are suitable for a hutch. If it was to light up a corner of a shed or wendy house - maybe, but only for when you are in there.

    They are also battery operated - and batteries don't work that well in the cold. You may be better putting a solar powered light outside the hutch to provide some ambient light for a few hours - a bit like moonlight, rather than something you can read by - if there is no other light source around. Don't point it into the hutch, though. That way, the rabbits are not in the literal spotlight, and you can keep an eye on them.

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    We have some in the run, just cheap ones from Home Bargains but they are remote controlled which is a lot more convenient - makes a huge difference to being able to see them at night if we need to, but they are only on when we need them, not all the time.



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