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Thread: Casper & Sophie photo delivery, now with added binkies

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    Default Casper & Sophie photo delivery, now with added binkies

    J&B told me that this forum needs some Casper & Sophie photos, so here I am, delivering some Casper & Sophie photos!

    First, though, here's a short video of them playing with their food balls this morning:

    Sophie with a toy:

    Here's Casper coming over to see if my phone is something he can eat:

    Here's Sophie stretching to get her veggies:

    Here's Casper looking for breakfast pellets I hid in the hay:

    And Sophie coming to take a look:

    Here's Sophie checking if I hid any food in their play mat:

    Casper on the beanbag, again looking if I have something to eat for him:

    Sophie sitting on one of the tunnels (which is round on top, so that can't be comfortable):

    Casper resting on his play mat, so he'll be first to know if I put anything to eat in there:

    Some photos of Sophie being curious and cute:

    Casper on his bed:

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