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Thread: Anyone recommend a good hay feeder?

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    Default Anyone recommend a good hay feeder?

    One of our buns has taken to weeing on the timothy hay we put in the corner of their hutch. He uses their toilet regularly too but while I know they do poop while eating is it normal to wee on the hay? Is it something I should be cleaning up as I do or something that is normal and should be left as it is?Thinking of buying a hay feeder instead but unsure where is best?

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    I would always clean away urine soiled hay.

    Rabbits tend to like to munch hay when using a litter tray, some examples can be found on here

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    I use round hanging baskets (garden centre / Wilko) in the runs (make sure the buns can't get in the top and trap legs in the mesh). There are some half moon type ones that can be fastened on a wall with a couple of screws. Also have a look at Ikea, B&M, etc - there are lots of wire storage solutions that make good, cheap hay racks. Use your imagination..

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    I use a wooden magazine rack and 32 litre underbed storage boxes lined with newspaper and hay.



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