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Thread: Abscess in front paw

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    Default Abscess in front paw

    I took Fudge to my local vets yesterday as was concerned about a scabby lump on top Fudge's paw where it looked like he had lost some fur. Between the 2 end nails didn't look quite the same as the other paw. I delayed taking him for a few days after found it as the vets said they were only taking urgent cases and emergencies. Now I feel super guilty because it turns out he has an abscess.

    The vet said he popped 3 (I'm not even sure what it was it said as I couldn't go in with him and was impossible to hear) and had to put a needle in the fourth.

    He told me to clean out with warm saltwater (UK tap water fine) twice per day and try and squeeze out the pus once per day. (I boiled it last night anyway as was too paranoid).

    He gave 0.4ml of Baytril for antibiotics twice daily and didn't want to increase his Loxicom (he's on 0.75ml twice daily) he has for his arthritis because of his kidney disease. He's under the care of Molly Varga for this who is happy with him having Loxicom. He manages the kidney disease currently with aluminium hydroxide and she's currently happy with him (he had blood checked last in September). He's currently 1.68kg (mini lop), but his weight has been fluctuating with the kidney disease. The vet yesterday said he was a 4 and happy with his weight.

    I started looking around about abscesses because concerned about squeezing his paw and the vet said he may need surgery (he's supposed to go back in a week but I've booked the first appointment with Molly I could get on Friday).

    When I'm looking seeing things like it could have something in the abscess, the vet said he wasn't sure how it happened. The only thing that has happened is he pushed my laptop tray and my laptop fell and I though caught his back foot 2 weeks ago. He looked absolutely fine afterwards, although did stamp in disgust at the time. He hasn't been limping, not even noticed excessive cleaning etc, it was literally only as I was cleaning him I noticed that his fur looked like it had a gap that I found it, so no idea how long it was there.

    I don't feel like I got much information from my local vet with the issue of not being able to go in with him at an appointment etc.

    Is there anything I need to know? I read about keeping hay away from it. Someone said to use epsom salts instead of salt water. I'm feeling so anxious and now worried that maybe he should have had surgery straight away rather than the vet just popping it, or that he needs more painkillers etc.

    He's still got a healthy appetite, although his poops had been on the smaller side, so did give him some Emprid over the weekend but seems like he is okay without now.

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Medical grade Manuka Honey is good for packing into abscesses once the abscess has been flushed out.

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